How i got started in photography

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How I got started in photography?

Well, you can say that I'm a late bloomer.
I was really into music ever since I was a little boy.
My dream was to be able to play guitar in a big huge crowded stadium!.
(Well i sort of achieved that dream later on)


About 5 years ago I went to my local Church in Cockburn and they had a guest speaker that day.
He shared about how he started in photography. He showed us these black & white photos, street photography style, and landscape photography. Then all of the sudden 'little voice' inside me saying, 'I can do this'!.

I was challenged! All of the sudden I became interested in photography.

His name is Ken Duncan. He is a great Landscape Photographer. Check out his work -

Not long after that I bought myself a little Canon 1100d DSLR.
I started contacted my old mates asking them if I could do photoshoot at their gigs.
I produced quite good music liveshow photos at the time.



My interest in photography got bigger, so I upgraded my gear to Canon 5d Classic body with some Canon L lenses and Speedlite. I've shot some local music bands and have shot in quite few places around Perth.

And not long after that I started doing family photography, weddings, and events photography.


I started selling my musical instruments (my lovely guitars, my sweet amps, effect pedals and pedal board)

A lady named Michelle Dean came over to my house, she was interested in buying one of my guitars.
She asked me why I decided to sell this beautiful guitar. I said to her that I was keen to be a wedding photographer and I needed money to upgrade my Camera.
She gave me a really good advice, she said "don't do wedding photography only because of the money, but do it because you love photography and do it because it's your passion"

You can check Michelle's work here -

I'm not perfect, I always strive to become better a photographer.

Let's connect:

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